About me


When I was a little girl at school, I was the observant one, the reader, the good girl. I did well in class and was told I was naturally smart.

In my early teens my world changed. My family moved abroad and I was left in the UK, living with relatives I didn’t know very well and attending a new school. I froze. My schoolwork suffered and I went into defensive mode.

This was largely how I approached aspects of my life until eventually I recognised that I wanted something to change.

With the help of coaches and therapists along the way, I was able to make those changes and improve my life. I am thankful that I was brave enough to ask for the help when I needed it. And that’s why I do what I do, because it makes a difference.

Having had many new experiences and adventures, many ups and inevitably a few downs, I am in a good place. I have a loving family, great friends, a lifestyle that works for me and a sense of purpose. I love being a coach and therapist, I love the excitement of what may happen next, who I will meet and what can be achieved by us working together. And I love knowing that if I can do it, so can you.