Whether you are a new coach in training, an experienced coach (or even a Supervisor!), coaching supervision is a valuable and effective way for you to grow your expertise and become a more reflective, aware and capable coach.

Working with a Supervisor brings different perspectives and insights to your practice and can help to answer the questions that surface about how you work now, and how you want to work in future. Supervision conversations are constructive, supportive and challenging, and help you work through any ethical, quality or competence questions that can arise within the coaching relationship.

Supervision on a regular basis is strongly encouraged by the ICF and EMCC. It helps the coach with their own personal development and in turn helps the coach’s clients by expanding the coach’s ability to work with more depth and breadth on the client’s issues. The conversation can also encompass what your business model looks like and how it is working for you, as this impacts how you show up in your coaching.

To find out more about working with me as your supervisor, get in touch to arrange a discovery call.