your commitment and choices


After our Discovery Call, we will agree which package is the most suitable for you. 

1. Immediate Impact:

You can begin with my introductory Immediate Impact package of two 60-minute high impact sessions which will give you the impetus and confidence to manage a specific challenge, whether it is preparing for an interview, creating a strategy to manage your time better or learning the communication skills to successfully navigate a difficult conversation. 

2. Finding Your Flow:

For a deeper, longer-term challenge, most clients start by selecting the Finding Your Flow package of six 60-minute sessions.  This gives you the space and time to explore more fully what drives your behaviours and choices, and discover how to show make the changes that work for you and your life goals.

3. Deep Dive:

This is my most powerful package of a minimum of twelve sessions, which will support you in managing a major life change whether it is related to a work, relationship or personal challenge or decision. Because of my combination of coaching and therapeutic skills, you will be able to make the internal shifts that empower you to live a more energised and authentic life.


When you decide where you want to start, we schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions as well as an agreed number of email exchanges and text exchanges per month.

Depending on what surfaces, I use a variety of exercises and activities that can chart progress towards specific goals, and also freeform sessions where we work with whatever comes up in the moment.

Through open, non-judgmental confidential coaching, I offer a safe space for you to explore fully and honestly whatever is going on for you.  We can meet in online video calls or face to face (conditions allowing) either in South East or Central London.


Step 1

Make the free no obligation discovery call to find out what will work best for you

Step 2

Agree coaching package

(payment by instalments available on request)

Step 3

Schedule first two sessions

When you’re ready to schedule your call, simply email: